Certified Online Trainer (EN)

Certified Online Trainer (EN)

Certified Online Trainer (EN)

Are you eager to be a professional online trainer?

Are you thinking about designing a virtual training session with the most recent technology facilities and techniques for managing the training remotely?

Whatever your field of specialization is … This training course is designed, for you, based on a professional and scientific framework that focuses on providing an integrated training package that mixes the contemporary knowledge framework and the direct practical application in an exciting online training that integrates the latest strategies and technological tools to stimulate active learning. This training course graduated with participants from the basics to the advanced techniques to reach the professional level in the online-training process in a short period.

Course Outputs:

–  Preparing the interactive virtual learning environment

– Acquiring effective trainer skills in the e-learning environment

– Designing the Professional training package

– Using the latest communication facilities in synchronous and asynchronous training

– Mastering the skill of running a training session successfully

– Recognizing the contemporary trends in the digital assessment

– Employing  the digital assessment tools for the training process

– Practicing  the micro online-training

– Developing the skill of using blogs in the world of training

Target group

  • Trainers and educational specialists in the field of training
  • Teachers who want to enhance their skills and experience in the field of online training
  • Individuals wishing to work as professional online trainers
  • Educational experts in the educational institutions
  • HR managers and specialists


  • Module One

    Online Training: Tactics & Netiquette Online

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  • Module Two

    Tasks Design

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  • Module Three

    Online Course Design & Digital Assessment Tools

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  • Module Four

    Wrap Up - Born Online Trainer

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Price $299.00
Instructor Sami Abushammala
Duration 30 hours
Enrolled 4 students